Close up image of the button closure on a LETTO Americano Cotton Sateen warm and buttery duvet cover in color white. data-image-id=
A bedroom with a contemporary wood and rattan bed made with LETTO Americano Cotton Sateen sheets, a striped gray duvet cover, and charcoal velvet throw pillows. data-image-id=
An close up image of Americano Cotton Sateen pillows in white on a bed with a charcoal velvet throw pillow. data-image-id=

Americano Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover

Representing both American and Italian textile expertise, single origin extra-long staple Supima® cotton is grown in the United States and woven in Italy to be sensuously ultra-soft. This singular cotton is spun into strong but fine threads, and the result is a 600-thread count fabric with a light, ultra-soft hand and pearl luster.