Can I launder my items at home?

Except for our cashmere and wool styles, LETTO is easily washed and dried at home. Avoid high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Don’t “boil, bake, or bleach” your fabrics and they will wear well and maintain their great feel.

Can I have my bedding professionally cleaned?

A fantastic personal indulgence is sending your bedding “out” to be professionally laundered. We recommend that you use a reputable service that will wash (not dry clean) your sheets and washable duvet covers. There’s nothing like slipping into freshly pressed sheets.

What about wrinkles?

We embrace wrinkles in bedding- and in life! Because our bedding is made of natural fibers, wrinkles come with the territory. For a truly pressed look, items may be ironed. There are also ways to easily reduce wrinkles and quickly make your bed:

Why can’t I use fabric softener?

Softeners and dryer sheets coat fibers with oils and chemicals that make bedding less breathable, towels less absorbent, and shorten the life of your fabrics. We encourage you to skip them!

Will my items shrink?

All washable items are either pre-washed or sized to allow for shrinkage after laundering.

We recommend laundering all washable items before use.