From Italy with Love

The finest bedding is made in Italy.

For hundreds of years, generations of artisans have elevated and perfected the art of weaving, creating fabrics that are unmatched. We've worked closely with these producers for more than a quarter century, and now want to share this tradition with you. Italian for "bed", LETTO celebrates those people around the world that bring our collection to life. Thoughtfully designed and crafted, LETTO is authentic quality at its highest level.

Image collage including a black vase with flowers, detail of pillows on bed, and a sheet with the LETTO Buonanotte ribbon
Image collage including a marble statue, a small alley street in Italy, and a brand mark that reads


(Italian for "goodnight")

Inspired by an artist's signature, we wanted our mark to also solve a common challenge: "What's the right way to make my bed?"

To get the best experience, sheets are intended to face inward- so that you slip between "right" sides and sleep against the smoothest face of the fabrics. Our Buonanotte hallmark is sewn along the bottom of our fitted and flat sheets. Position them both face-up at the foot of your mattress to always have a "properly" made bed.

Image of detail of LETTO Buonanotte ribbon

The Wisdom of the Hand

We consider every person, step, and detail in the creation of our collection. Beginning with our fibers, we use only the world's finest and most rare. They are then sent to Italy where artisans spin, weave, and sew each piece individually. From farmer to finishing, everyone involved in Letto is a specialist in their craft.

Image of view from inside tunnel viewing out to the ocean in Italy
Collage Image of bedroom detail with olive tree in pot and second image of building in Italy built into side of cliff

The Letto Process

  1. 01

    Every sheet starts with a seed

    (Raw materials)

    Our raw materials are of the finest grade, and vital to the quality and feel of any fabric. The cotton, flax, and wood fibers originate from heirloom strains and are cultivated in ideal climates. We work with specialty farmers in the Egyptian Nile valley, France, Belgium, Barbados, and the southern US.

  2. 02

    A common thread


    The exceptional length of our fibers (called "staples") can be spun into stronger, lighter threads. This allows for a lasting, higher thread-count fabric that feels wonderful, resists pilling, and just gets better with time.

  3. 03

    It all comes together


    It all happens on the loom. Modern innovation and Middle Age tradition are literally woven together to create extraordinary textiles. Lightweight bedding with a gossamer hand is the Italian ideal. Our fabrics are breathable, smooth, and luminous.

  4. 04

    Artistry & technique


    Once it leaves the loom, there are more steps to creating a fine fabric. The art of material finishing often involves a guarded "recipe" of treatments that lend the fabric its final look and feel.

  5. 05



    Standing out in a world of fast fashion, our bedding is constructed by highly skilled craftspeople in Italy. Each piece is individually cut, hand-guided, and sewn like a small work of art. With meticulous attention to detail, our French seams, mitered corners, and modern proportions speak to the bedding connoisseur.

  6. 06

    Sheets of distinction

    (Thoughtful details)

    Our methods are Old World, and our style is modern. Finished with simple hems and knife-edges, our bedding is luxurious but not fussy. Clean styling emphasizes the fabrics and compliments any interior. With both lavish and practical details in mind, duvet covers have inner ties, sheets have a Buonanotte applique for easy bed making, and all is packaged in its own fabric pouch for neat and stylish storage.