An image of a small boudoir or travel size pillow stacked in front of a large euro size pillow. The pillow cases are made in Italy of warm and buttery LETTO Giza Reserve Cotton Sateen in color white. data-image-id=
A close up image of LETTO Giza Reserve Cotton pillows in white on a bed with a tan velvet throw pillow and a nightstand with a lamp.  data-image-id=
A bedroom with a contemporary platform made with LETTO Giza Reserve Sateen sheets and duvet cover in color white.  data-image-id=

Giza Reserve Cotton Sateen Travel/Boudoir Pillowcase

The exceptional and rare Giza cotton is grown and hand-harvested in the Nile Delta region of Egypt. This small cotton crop was once reserved for the finest men’s shirting, but we think it’s incredible to sleep in. Giza’s extra-long staples are spun into strong but fine threads and woven in Italy for a light, luminous drape.