An image of a small boudoir or travel size pillow stacked in front of a large euro size pillow. The pillow cases are made in Italy of breathable and relaxed 100% linen, LETTO Lino Primo in color white. data-image-id=
An image of LETTO Lino Primo 100% linen pillows next to a nightstand with a black vase and flowers. data-image-id=
A image of an elegantly made bed in 100% linen with LETTO Lino Primo pillows and duvet cover.  data-image-id=

Lino Primo Linen Travel/Boudoir Pillowcase

For the true linen aficionado, this collection is the crème de la crème.

The finest Belgian and French flax is woven in Italy to create this exceptional fabric. In true European tradition, this bedding comes to you in its pure state- crisp and a bit rough- requiring time to “break in”. For those who have experienced linen sheets passed down through generations, your patience will be rewarded with an extraordinary sleep experience.